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Young Voices Speak Up Against Climate Change

By on March 16, 2020

Greta Thunberg urged the world to wake up and usher change at the United Nations Climate Action Summit. Like many other small voices, she is just 16 years old, coercing people to look around and prioritize the climatic emergencies over business deals. She is not alone. Young activists are springing up at different corners of the world as they are concerned and scared of what the future beholds.

At the United Nations Climate Action Summit, Greta addressed the world leaders and pointed her finger at their ignorance. For petty financial gains, they are overlooking the rapidly deteriorating climate. But at what cost? The answer lies within the little voices.

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Following this event, Darby Freeman, renowned model, photographer, and writer tweeted the names of the voices that are striving to change the climate crisis. Here are the activists that we need to talk about:

Autumn Peltier

Better known as the water warrior, Autumn Peltier was just 8 years old when she started championing the cause of clean water. Very soon she became an in-demand speaker as her speeches amazed the listeners. Autumn was first noticed when she appeared at the Assembly of First Nations. Soon she was an invitee to various international events and was named the Chief Water Commissioner by the Anishinabek Nation. The teenager is still firm in her stance for clean water. 

Mari Copeny

The young activist from Flint, Michigan is also popular as Little Miss Flint. Copeny started her journey at the age of 8 when she and her siblings became vocal about the water crisis in her hometown. She did not keep any stone unturned to meet the crisis and even got the attention of President Obama. In due course, measures were taken and the crisis was averted. Since then the little girl has never stopped working for the environment.

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Xiye Bastida

This little girl suffered the climate change effects first hand. Drought, heavy rain, floods followed by the Hurricane Sandy devasted her native town, San Pedro Tultepec, outside Mexico City. She and her family moved to New York but this could not subdue her spirit. Instead, young Xiye started her own environmental club and committed herself to the cause. Her indigenous origin (from the Otomi tribe) influenced Xiye’s outlook to a great extent.

Netizens mentioned a few other activists who are doing their best to save the planet:

Vanessa Nakate

Xiutehzcatl Martinez

Leah Namugarwa

Isha Clarke

When the young ones like Greta, Autumn, Mari, Xiye, and others are being vocal about the inevitable threat posed by climate change, how can the adults be blind? As Greta said, it’s high time to take a stand for future generations.

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