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Green Hybrid Rocket Engine Made Possible With The Help Of 3D Printing Technology

By on August 23, 2020

An aerospace firm from Florida, Rocket Crafters, has recently patented its green hybrid rocket engine. The invention marks a huge leap in the field of rocket science. Several researchers had tried their hand at developing this green hybrid rocket but to no avail. 

Rocket Crafter’s STAR-3D became a success after the company made use of 3D printing technology. The company has reportedly completed more than 40 small tests, and now, they are ready to conduct large-scale engine tests. 

Hybrid Rocket Engine Explained

Just to put it simply, a hybrid rocket engine uses a mixture of fuels, be it solid, liquid, or gas. Unlike other technology, this hybrid engine is much safer for the environment. 

Another reason this hybrid engine is a great relief for rocket science is that it can be restarted and throttled. Since it does not use a single kind of fuel, it is much safer and faster. As per the company, they can scale hybrid rocket engines from 125 lbf to 5000 lbf. 

In comparison to liquid-fueled rocket engines, this hybrid takes less time to be developed. And what’s better? It takes even less money!

Scientists have often favored liquid-fueled engines than solid-fueled engines because it is comparatively more environmentally friendly. However, it’s been a problem because liquid-fueled engines are more expensive to make. 

Hybrid rocket engines, on the other hand, have become a boon. They are much simpler in design and easier to maintain. STAR-3D has only 2 movable parts. And, it stores two separate fuels (liquid and solid), preventing any accidents from occurring. 

hybrid rocket engine

Image: Rocket Crafters

Why Is This Innovation Important?

This greener hybrid rocket engine will make launching satellites into space much safer and easier. Since it’s extremely cost-effective, space travel can be made accessible to the general public too. With this latest technology, rocket engines have become more sustainable. 

However, the best reason for this hybrid engine to go viral is that it makes rockets much greener. And we all know how much quick change we need for the environment to heal faster. 

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Solid-fueled rocket engines usually emit large quantities of carbon, causing heavy damage to our environment. Because of this reason, several organizations have pushed rocket engine manufacturers to build liquid-fueled rocket engines. Even though liquid-fueled engines are more environment-friendly, they still harm our environment. And, not to forget, they are extremely expensive. They use liquidized hydrogen, and the process of producing hydrogen causes a tremendous amount of pollution. 

Now that Rocket Crafters have introduced their latest hybrid rocket engine, let’s hope it’s a permanent change for a better future.

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