You Can Help Your Children Learn About Social Responsibility During This Lockdown Period

By on June 5, 2020

The pandemic has taken a major toll on all our lives. Not only have our plans been canceled, but working from home is breaking the delicate work-life balance that we all strive to maintain. Plus, the economy is not showing positive signs. So, naturally, we adults are quite worried about what the future would be like. While the situation is extremely frustrating for us, it is equally devastating for children. They can’t play outside, and above everything else, they can see the worries in our eyes and are genuinely frightened about the world. 

Why does the world look like it is in a standstill all of a sudden?

The best way to deal with a crisis is to try to sieve out the positive of it. Yes, behind the bleakness of this pandemic, there is a positive side, especially for our children. This is the moment when we can teach them about social responsibility. They can learn how compassion can work to save the world. For example, personal hygiene like washing your hands often and also, volunteering to help others can expand their perspective to understand how humans can be both kind to themselves, and kind to others at the same time.

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Often, we tend to forget about social responsibility and our part in changing the society. Trying to look out for ourselves may become too selfish at times. As per the chairman and co-founder of The Positivity Project, Mike Erwin, this pandemic can help us find the balance between looking out for others and for ourselves. 

Adults learn and have the maturity to understand the concept of social responsibility. Not so for children. Children are more prone to learning through action rather than complex theories. Social responsibility is the concept that our actions can have an effect on others and so, by being socially responsible, we can make a positive impact on others and the society as a whole. While it is logical, it will be quite difficult to simulate this process. But the pandemic has given us a chance to teach our kids this difficult but humble concept.

Tell your kids why we should not be hoarding and panic-buying right now. Show them videos on YouTube and tell them how inconsiderate it is to hoard everything for yourself and leave nothing for another person in need. There are many videos of doctors, pharmacists, and grocery store owners who are still going outside, working, and facing the crisis head-on. Their brave stories can be real eye-openers.

Social Responsibility

While the social distancing guidelines are still on, you can go out for emergency shopping. So, while observing the very important social distancing, you can take your children outside and practice kindness. Start with a smile to a distant neighbor. Maintaining your distance, engage in a bit of small talk. Ask about their lives. The positive vibes will bounce off your child, and they will feel delighted to be part of something social and special.

If you really want to engage your children into something socially responsible, why not reach out to the vulnerable people and help them? As per research, the most vulnerable people are people above the age of 65 with pre-existing conditions or comorbidities. Run essential errands for them and help them with their grocery, so that they don’t have to go out and expose themselves to a potentially deadly virus.

You can even suggest something that can look like a ‘whole community positivity action’. Why not team up with your child and paste positive drawings on your windows – like a drawing of green fields or funny faces? You can open up a Facebook page sharing tips on how to pass these lockdown days with a little bit of positivity. Or you can engage in fun teaching by making special themes each day for your kid – like alphabet day, arithmetic day, fun day, etc. 

Don’t restrict your kid right now. As per Marcy Singer-Gabella, a professor in the Department of Teaching and Learning at Peabody College at Vanderbilt University, children have wonderful ideas, and they should be allowed to express them. So, this is the moment to let your child’s creativity break limitations. Engage with poetry readings or writings. Since kids of today are into social media, start online campaigns for a good cause and let your child take the lead. Maybe a campaign to help senior citizens in a unique way can make the lockdown period go easy for them.

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Social media can be toxic right now with too much focus placed on the pandemic. So, try to follow and share good news like grocery stores of Scotland giving away free testing kits and free concerts being held by artists on social media.

Keep a gratitude journal with your child and show your gratitude to doctors, nurses, grocery store owners, and everyone who is in the frontlines, treating the patients of this terrible pandemic.

Let’s help create a positive impact on the world, together. Start teaching your children social responsibility now!

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