Local Flora And Fauna Have Been Granted Citizenship In This Costa Rican Suburb

By on July 3, 2020

A small peaceful Costa Rican suburb called Curridabat has been a leading figure in environmental protection. In its most recent efforts to take care of Mother Earth, it has granted citizenship to the local flora and fauna. The list of new citizens includes various plants, pollinators, and trees. 

The suburb near San Jose enjoys a healthy population of 75,000 people. This Costa Rican suburb has seen a local party mayor in power for around 16 years. This political stability has led to harmony and peace, that’s where the name “Sweet Town” comes from. 

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Furthermore, political stability has meant that the city can pay extra attention to the town’s rich ecosystem. Intricate urban planning has also led to a healthy connection between nature and humans.

In a statement, the local municipality said that the city authorities wished to improve their citizens’ urban experience. The also added that their town’s model has been inspired by pollinators as agents of prosperity. 

Source: Tandem Arquitectos

Several pollinators, including hummingbirds, Brescia butterflies, and bats have been granted citizenship. This move was taken in order to demonstrate the importance of these pollinators. 

Edgar Mora, a journalist and a 12-year-serving mayor of the Costa Rican suburb, is a crucial figure in the area’s biodiversity development. He stated that pollinators are of prime importance. He further elaborated that as they are natural reproducers without any price, any plan of bio corridor or a healthy ecosystem needed to have them as partners. Mora also added that any sort of urban development needed to be aligned with nature. 

Bio Corridors And Green Infrastructures 

Locals of this Costa Rican suburb have always been encouraged to participate in different community programs involving nature preservation.  

costa rican suburb

Source: Curridabat Municipality

San Jose is not the only city to have taken such environmental-friendly decisions. Several South American cities have implemented similar concepts. 

And the benefits of such bio corridors are many. Magalli Castro Alvarez pointed out that urban bio corridors have multiple benefits. Alvarez explained that it not only creates an ecological relationship in urban centers for greater biodiversity, but it also improves green infrastructure. This leads to better air and water quality. Not just that, it uplifts the overall mood of the residents. 

Pollution levels across the globe have taken a significant decrease due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The government-mandated lockdown has given us plenty of time to think about our actions and how they affect our environment and climate. 

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Global warming has been a consistent problem for us. In all this, the serene Costa Rican suburb of Curridabat has taken a step towards urban planning that focuses on the needs of nature. This town has been reimagined through the eyes of its non-human citizens. And this is something that all of us need to embrace soon. 

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