Electric Bikes: What Makes This Invention Revolutionary?

By on June 7, 2020

Electric bikes are all set to take over the world in the blink of an eye. In fact, the reign of e-bikes is almost upon us. There has been a massive spike in the sales of e-bikes in the last few years. In a period of 12 months, between 2017-2018, there has been a 91% increase in their sales. Experts are anticipating that approximately 130 million electric bikes will ply on American roadways by 2023.

If you haven’t already made up your mind and decided to join the e-bike bandwagon, let us provide you with the much-needed impetus.

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A Financially Responsible Decision

Saving up is perhaps the toughest part of adulting. To make a fortune, switch over to electric bikes. E-bikes are the fastest and the most environment-friendly way to save money. According to Rad Power Bikes, replacing your car with an e-bike can help you save up to 7.5 thousand dollars in one year! 

Compare your everyday transportation expenses with the cost of driving an e-bike, and you will realize how surprisingly easy it is to save up.

A Healthier Lifestyle

You can also ride down the healthy path of life on an e-bike. According to a study, riding an e-bike increases overall body fitness, reduces body fat, and provides better control over blood sugar levels. 

Since electric bikes do not take a toll on your energy and your body, even seniors can ride them. It also sharpens motor function and increases balance. As a result, the symptoms of Alzheimer’s or even those of Parkinson’s can be reduced significantly.

Electric bike

Live Your Bike Fantasy

Electric bikes are well known for their effortlessness and speed. They are optimized for the daily commute and can reduce your traveling time by up to 50%. This means, even after the electric bikes ride, you will look effortlessly fresh and radiant. So, ditch the sweaty and tiring reality of a conventional bike commute, and live your fantasy with e-bikes.

The provision of additional accessories such as child seats and baskets will further help you tend to all the façets of your life. From daycare to grocery shopping, your e-bike has you covered. 

A Good Dash of Adventure

E-bikes are versatile. You can even add a good dash of adventure into your life with the help of your electric bike. Be it a short spin or a weekend-long camping trip, your electric bike has your back. You can even fold them up easily and carry them wherever you want. 

Their broad tires make it easier for you to traverse even rough terrains. So, you can explore more, better, and quicker compared to a traditional bike.

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Be a Hero and Save your Planet

E-bikes can help reduce your carbon footprint considerably–up to 15%. Simultaneously, riding an e-bike regularly can make you mentally and physically healthier. You can save your planet and have your fair share of fun at the same time. Saving Earth has never been easier and healthier. 

Electric bikes will revolutionize your everyday life. You can even be your planet’s savior without sacrificing a lot, thanks to the e-bike. You can also save up a fortune and fan your latent adrenaline junkie at the same time. 

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